Some Stats on Higher Education Stressors


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Meditation Apps

Stress is a very common thing to experience, and some stress (eustress) can be helpful as we go about our everyday lives. Eustress is what motivates you to get that report done that is due next week, or to drive more carefully when the roads are busy. However, too much stress can have negative effects on your health, and should be maintained via self-care, including but not limited to eating healthy, drinking plenty of water, getting 6-8 hours of sleep, exercising, time management and mental care, such as regular counseling, coping techniques and meditation. Free and paid meditation applications are very common, and there is something out there for almost everyone. Insight Timer is a free app available on Apple Store and Google Play, and offers users a few background sounds (or choose no sound at all), as it times your meditation. You just set the time, select the sound settings, and go. The app will notify you either at intervals you set, or just at the beginning and end with a short tone. It logs your time and allows you to see how many users were “meditating with you” via the app. For those who prefer a more guided experience, a very popular application is HeadSpace. Free for the first 10 days (long enough to get you through the Beginner training meditation package provided for you), HeadSpace is a monthly or yearly fee service, giving you access to a variety of packages for use at your own pace. Packages you can choose from include Stress, Melt Down, Anger, Depression, Anxiety, Happiness and more. Other applications can be found at this article link:¬†