Oswego State Chapter of the American Meteorological Society

Kaitlyn Jesmonth ('23)

The President is responsible for the general operations of the club, as well as the club's well-being.

Hello! My name is Kaitlyn Jesmonth, and I am excited to be the Meteorology Club President this year. As a senior and now a three-time returning board member, I am grateful to get the chance one last time to work alongside such a fantastic group! Watching the forecasts for incoming Nor’easters back home in Albany, NY is what sparked my interest in the weather. This is what led me to Oswego where I major in Meteorology and minor in both Mathematics and Computer Science. This summer, I have an internship at Pattern Energy learning about the intersection of meteorology and the renewable energy industry. I also serve as the Student Forecast Leader of the Lake-Effect Storm Prediction and Research Center (LESPaRC) on campus. Outside of meteorology, I love hiking, going to the beach, and taking photos of any beautiful scenery I might come across. Feel free to reach out with any questions!

Dan Hummel ('23)
Vice President

The Vice President works with the President for selected tasks, and assumes full leadership in the absence of the President.

Hey everyone! My name is Dan Hummel and I am excited to be serving as Vice President for our meteorology club this year! I am a senior Meteorology major with a minor in Health Science. I am from just down the road in Rochester, NY. Living close to Lake Ontario for all of my life and seeing how it dictates our weather locally, especially with Lake-Effect Snow in the winter helped peak my interest in meteorology! Outside of the weather and school I love spending time outdoors, whether it be hiking, golfing, or even just spending time with my dog. Once I graduate I look forward to either going into the aviation industry to forecast for airlines or forecasting for a private industry. I look forward to seeing all of you this year!

Tommy Cerra ('23)

The Treasurer handles all of the club's finances, from collecting money from members for trips to submitting purchase orders for club activities.

Hey everyone! My name is Tommy Cerra, and I am from Lebanon, NJ. I am a senior meteorology major and mathematics minor. I will be the club’s treasurer this year. I first got interested in the field at a young age when I randomly turned on The Weather Channel during a tornado outbreak. This summer, I have an internship at NOAA’s National Data Buoy Center. In addition, I completed an independent research project on the accuracy of a statistical weather model I created for Oswego. Outside of meteorology, I like to hike, bike, and take pictures of the sunset.

Aidan Alwang ('23)

The Secretary is in charge of recording the subject matter at the meetings, sending the notes to the AMS and club members, as well as keeping track of attendance and the club meetings.

Hi everybody! My name is Aidan Alwang and I am a senior meteorology major from Middletown, NY. I will be holding the position of secretary this year for our club. In my free time you will almost always find me outside, either skiing during the winter or hiking during the summer and of course always observing the weather. I’ve loved the weather ever since I was a child, whether it be waiting up all night to watch the snow pile up in snow storms or staring out my window at lightning in thunderstorms. The weather has always amazed me. After I graduate I hope to continue to build my knowledge of the weather in graduate school and eventually become a researcher or forecaster.

Kayla Lewis ('23)
Public Relations

The public relations officer is in charge of all social media accounts, and helps to organize and promote all club events and activities.

Hello! My name is Kayla Lewis. I am from Rochester, NY and this fall I will be a senior Meteorology major with a minor in mathematics. This year I am the public relations officer for our club. In my free time you will see me outside in nature, rather it be storm chasing or enjoying a nice day by the water. I have always been interested in the weather. Being able to continue my learning right on Lake Ontario has been an amazing experience these past 3 years. After graduation I plan to help communicate weather to the public through the private industry of weather forecasting.

Jake Rumowicz ('23)
Community Outreach

The Community Outreach officer aids the Public Relations officer with selected tasks, as well as seeks out community service and publicizing certain club activities.

Salutations! My name is Jake Rumowicz. I’m from Usquepaug, RI and I’m a senior Meteorology major with a minor in Computer Science. This year, I’m happy to serve as the Community Outreach Officer for OSSCAMS. I’ve always been interested in the weather since I was a tot, particularly with snow storms. As the relatively mild climate of southern New England left me unsatisfied, I came to Oswego hoping to get more snow. In my free time, I like spending time with my friends, hiking, skateboarding, skiing and playing video games. After I graduate, I hope to go to grad school where I can continue learning about the weather.

Elijah Sumner ('23)

The Webmaster is in charge of the site design as well as updating content, such as upcoming meetings and events. Additionally, the Webmaster updates the club's Google Calendar with all of the club events.

Hi there! I’m Elijah Sumner, a senior meteorology major with a minor in computer science from Northampton, PA. I’ve always been fascinated with the weather, but I really began to take an interest after watching Hurricane Sandy impact my area in 2012. I love learning more about how the weather works and experiencing whatever it throws my way, especially when that involves snow! After I graduate from Oswego, I would hope to pursue an operational forecasting career, and would love to do something working with weather maps or GIS. Aside from the weather, I often find myself working on my own computer programming projects during my spare time.

Michael Pagnanelli ('23)
Reservations Coordinator

The main role of the Reservation Coordinator is to reserve rooms for the club. Such reservations include rooms for our student-run conference GLASS, hotels for club trips, club sponsored events, and beginning/end of the year picnics.

Hello! My name is Michael Pagnanelli. I am from Hanover, Pennsylvania. I will be a senior this school year, majoring in meteorology and minoring in mathematics. I've been fascinated by the weather since I was a young kid and wanted to study how it works. My main weather interests are severe thunderstorms and lake-effect snow, though I enjoy experiencing any type of extreme weather. After graduation, I plan to pursue a career in forecasting in the private sector or the government. In my free time, my interests include running, biking, hiking, and skiing.

Evan Biedron ('25)
Webmaster in Training

Hello! My name is Evan Biedron. I am a sophomore Meteorology major and Communication minor from Buffalo, NY. This year I am the Webmaster in Training for the Meteorology Club at Oswego. In my free time I’ll either be outdoors, playing hockey, or watching the weather. I am also the Chief Meteorologist of WTOP10 so you’ll always see me in the studio in the evening. I’ve been interested in weather for the longest time, especially severe storms and I hope to do part-time storm chasing after college. I plan to graduate in 2025 with hopes of going into the broadcasting field of meteorology.