Oswego State Chapter of the American Meteorological Society

Zoe Bush ('25)

The President is responsible for the general operations of the club, as well as the club's well-being.

Hello! My name is Zoe Bush and I am a junior majoring in meteorology and minoring in mathematics. This year, I am the president of the club and am excited about what this year has to offer. I am from Stillwater, MN, and ended up in Oswego to see lake-effect snow, hopefully, this year there's more snow (fingers crossed). Since 1st grade, I wanted to be a storm chaser and chase tornadoes, however, that's not really a career. So instead, I want to be a researcher at either NSSL or NOAA researching severe weather in the plains. In my free time, I love to try out new coffee shops, take pictures of sunsets and clouds, be out on the lake, go shopping, travel, hike in the great outdoors, get those gains in the gym, and hang out with friends.

Sarah Gryskewicz ('26)
Vice President

The Vice President works with the President for selected tasks, and assumes full leadership in the absence of the President.

Hi everyone! My name is Sarah Gryskewicz (she/her), and I am going to be serving as your vice president this year! I’m a sophomore from Wilkes-Barre, PA majoring in Meteorology and minoring in Mathematics and Computer Science. I’ve been interested in several branches of science since I was a kid, but meteorology is the one that piqued my interest the most throughout the years. Whether I was distracted watching storms at soccer practices, tuning in to my local station’s broadcast when a severe thunderstorm warning was issued, or even building an igloo after a Nor’easter dropped 27” of snow in my backyard, I always knew that I wanted to pursue a career in meteorology when I grew up. One of my favorite things about Oswego is the location because living next to one of the Great Lakes means we get to experience lake-effect snow events, which I've never had the joys of experiencing before back at home. Outside of class and the club, you’ll find me spending time with my friends, exercising, and looking for new music to enjoy. I can’t wait to meet everyone this year!

Ezekiel Caldon ('26)

The Treasurer handles all of the club's finances, from collecting money from members for trips to submitting purchase orders for club activities.

Hi, I’m Ezekiel Caldon (he/him), but you can call me Zeke. I’m excited to be your treasurer for the meteorology club this year! I became interested in meteorology because I experienced some weird weather as a little kid when my family lived in north central Texas, including several strong thunderstorms, heat waves, and a snowstorm that brought over a foot of snow. My passion for weather continued when we moved to my now hometown of Albany, NY over a decade ago, and continues today as I pursue a major in meteorology with a minor in computer science. This year I am participating in the NASA Eclipse Ballooning Project. I also keep myself busy as a soccer referee and a broomball god. In my free time, I also enjoy hiking, biking, a good board game, and a day/night out with friends. Looking forward to working with all of you this year!

Erik Knudsen ('26)

The Secretary is in charge of recording the subject matter at the meetings, sending the notes to the AMS and club members, as well as keeping track of attendance and the club meetings.

Ben Lamsma ('26)
Public Relations

The public relations officer is in charge of all social media accounts, and helps to organize and promote all club events and activities.

Hello people! My name is Ben Lamsma (any pronouns), but I just go by Bee, and I am your public relations officer. I am going into my Sophomore year as a Meteorology major with a Mathematics minor. I am originally from Chicago, Illinois but my family now live over by Denver, Colorado so that's where I spend some of my breaks. When I'm not doing school stuff I am a STEM tutor for the Office of Learning Services and a Cross Country athlete. I have been running for 11 years now and it is one of my biggest and most involved interests. Alongside that, I also crochet and spend most nights relaxing or watching shows with my friends. Being from the Chicago area, I grew up with relatively uninteresting weather, so when I heard about the crazy winters Oswego can have, it almost instantly became my first choice of school. I love studying crazy or unnatural weather events. If there's some kind of hurricane doing something funky, you can be sure I am learning all that I can about it. While I am still very early into my college years, I have started thinking about what I want to do after graduation. My brain is bouncing back and forth between continuing on to grad school so I can go into research or starting at the National Weather Service and building a career there.

Nicholas Cusano ('24)
Community Outreach

The Community Outreach officer aids the Public Relations officer with selected tasks, as well as seeks out community service and publicizing certain club activities.

Hi, my name is Nicholas Cusano. I am a senior Meteorology major with a Music minor. I will be serving as the Community Outreach Officer this year for OSSCAMS. From a young age, I have always enjoyed sitting and watching thunderstorms or playing outside after a snowstorm. I went into this major since weather has been something I am passionate about and there is never a dull moment when it comes to the unpredictability of weather. Alongside weather I am a huge music person throughout my college career I have been apart of multiple Jazz Bands, choirs, taken vocal lessons and was a vocal coordinator for a Show Choir called "Vocal Effect". Getting back to meteorology alongside being apart of OSSCAMS I will also be serving as one of the Student Forecast Leaders for the Lake-Effect Storm Prediction and Research Center(LESPaRC). Once I graduate I hope to keep improving my forecasting skills in the private industry of meteorology.

Evan Biedron ('25)
The Webmaster is in charge of the site design as well as updating content, such as upcoming meetings and events. Additionally, the Webmaster updates the club's Google Calendar with all of the club events.

Hi! My name is Evan Biedron (he/him) and I am the Webmaster for the Oswego Meteorology Club. I am a Junior Meteorology Major with a minor in Communications from Buffalo, NY. My area of interest is in severe weather (tornadoes, supercells, hurricanes, etc.). I have been interested in severe weather my whole life and hopefully I get the opportunity to storm chase after college. I am involved in many different clubs such as WTOP10 where I am the Chief Meteorologist, The Oswegonian where I am a Meteorologist, and of course, OSSCAMS where I am the Webmaster. Outside of academics, I like to spend my time playing/watching hockey (Go Sabres), watching the Bills #billsmafia, and forecasting for all types of locations. I hope to have a career in Broadcasting providing severe weather coverage to communities in the Midwest to hopefully contribute to saving lives.

Thomas Weist ('23)
Reservations Coordinator
The main role of the Reservation Coordinator is to reserve rooms for the club. Such reservations include rooms for our student-run conference GLASS, hotels for club trips, club sponsored events, and beginning/end of the year picnics.

Hey y'all, the name's Tom Weist (he/him). I am a senior meteorology major with a mathematics minor from Lancaster, NY (it's near Buffalo), and I will be your reservations coordinator this year. Lake-effect snow and thunderstorms have always fascinated me, so being involved with Project LEE has been fun to study thundersnow, as you can see in my photo. On campus, I'm also involved with being a student forecast leader for LESPaRC (along with Nick). Other than meteorology stuff, I like to play video games, take pretty pictures, listen to any music, and just vibing in general. After I graduate, I hope to either go into forecasting (maybe for aviation), or possibly go to grad school.

Emmalee Schlagter ('26)
Webmaster in Training

Hello! I'm Lee Schlagter the web master in training. I'm a gender fluid individual and as such will use any pronoun. I'm going into my second year here at Oswego with a major in meteorology and a minor in communications. I'm mostly interested in broadcast and research. My hobbies include knitting, drawing, reading, and writing. I also run a YouTube channel where I upload vlogs with my friends.